Rural Philanthropy Toolkit

  • Source: Rural Health Information Hub
  • Date: 04/01/2019

This toolkit compiles emerging practices and resources to support rural communities seeking to build relationships with philanthropies across the United States.

Philanthropies provide a critical source of funding for community-based health programs. However, it can be challenging for small and rural communities to build relationships with philanthropies, particularly when they are not located in the same geographic area.

This toolkit presents practical strategies that can help rural communities build successful partnerships with philanthropies. In particular, it focuses on:

  • Preparing for partnerships with philanthropies
  • Conducting outreach to philanthropies
  • Establishing and sustaining partnerships with philanthropies

The target audiences for the toolkit are rural organizations including: healthcare providers, such as hospitals and clinics; nonprofit organizations; faith-based organizations; businesses; networks; and community-based organizations.

For more information about rural community health programs, including how to develop and implement a program, please visit the Rural Community Health Toolkit.

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