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Mobility Management Connections

Mobility Management Connections (MMC) is a virtual place for mobility management practitioners to network, exchange information, engage in conversation, and share promising practices about topics that relate to transportation coordination activities in their community.

This forum is managed by NCMM staff, and with technical support from Partners for Youth with Disabilities (PYD), is designed to help NCMM create a community of mobility management professionals to share ideas, mobility management strategies, and network with one another. The platform has a friendly and easy-to-use interface that allows users to post questions, resources, and, discussion topics, comment on others’ ideas, and share events.

Some examples of topics on the forum include:

  • Public participation strategies
  • Coordinated transportation plans
  • Funding, financing, and fares
Mobility Management Webinars
Find NCMM-MMC Webinars here


If you have any questions about MMC, please email Judy Shanley, Easterseals Partner Director at

Don't be left out, join the MMC Conversations every Quarter!

MMC Conversations is an informal forum for mobility management practitioners to share, connect, and learn from their peers across the United States. These conversations will take place on a quarterly basis. 

Join us for a collaborative discussion with Transportation Consultant, Meredith Greene on September 21 at 12:30 PM EST about how changes per the census data will impact mobility in your community:

  • Will there be a need for more innovative development of mobility options offered?
  • Is there a need for different type of Mobility Management programs based on the shift in demographics?
  • What should future transportation coordination and planning(growth = demand) consider?

And much more!

Mobility Champions3b0c5e

This year, NCMM offered three mobility managers the opportunity to serve as a Mobility Management Champions for nine months.  The three selected Champions will serve as facilitators of monthly community activity on MMC, as well as other NCMM forums.  Activities undertaken by Champions include:

  • Sharing questions and issues of their choice that are relevant to mobility management activities (example of topics may include volunteer driver programs, technology tools to support mobility management, shared-ride programs, working with TNCs, etc.;
  • Disseminating resources and tools that pertain to this topic; and
  • Responding to questions posed by other mobility management professionals via the MMC discussion forum.
  • Writing two guest posts on the NCMM blog on topics of their choice. Champions will work with NCMM staff to brainstorm content ideas.
  • Champions will share other NCMM blog posts on the MMC platform to solicit comments and reaction from the NCMM membership.

The three selected Mobility Management Champions are:

  • Amber Simmons – Grants and Budget Coordinator, Plan Hillsborough, FL
  • Sarah Hildago-Cook – General Manager, Southwest Regional Transit District, Texas
  • Sheila Holbrook-White – Waiver Transportation Program Manager, Metropolitan Council of the Twin Cities, MN

To connect with them, visit Mobility Management Connections.

Hear what previous Mobility Champions have to say:

Cory Schmitt of MO RIDES: “Serving as champion gave me the opportunity to prioritize my own learning and connect with others in this dynamic, constantly evolving field. In the midst of the busy day-to-day of this profession, it can sometimes be difficult to take a step back and take a look at the issues and themes that unite as all as mobility managers. Serving as champion helped me be mindful of teaching moments for myself and others on the platform. Additionally, being a ‘champion’ aided my understanding of and passion for the impact mobility managers can have on the people and communities we serve.”

Mike Spadafore of Topeka Metro: “When I was asked to be a mobility Management Champion I thought I’d be sharing a lot from my perspective, but I wound up learning so much more from my colleagues across the nation.  I was fortunate enough to have been paired up with another Champion, and together we set out to strengthen the network of Mobility Managers through the lens of transportation for youth with disabilities.  Our blog, chats, posts, and external work on this topic brought a depth of understanding from an angle that I hadn’t thought about before.  The experience was fantastic; in just a few short months I’ve connected with professionals who share the same passion for our work and desire to reach out to and serve people of all ages and abilities.”


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