Economics of Transportation Research Needs for Rural Elderly and Transportation Disadvantaged Populations

  • Author: J.W. Mjelde, R. Dudensing, J. Brooks, G. Battista, M. Carrillo, B. Counsil, A. Giri, M.K. Kim, V.D. Pyrialakou, and S. Ullerich
  • Source: Texas A&M University—COALS, AgriLife Extension, and Texas Transportation Institute
  • Date: 05/01/2017

Economic research focused on enhancing the mobility of the elderly and disadvantaged individuals is insufficient. To address this insufficiency, a multidisciplinary team of researchers convened as part of the 2016 National Conference on Rural Public and Intercity Bus Transportation (RIBTC) in Asheville, North Carolina. The team’s objective is to provide research recommendations that may be used to enhance, if appropriate or applicable, the provision of rural transportation options that improve quality of life for the rural elderly and other socially and transportation disadvantaged populations. Research recommendations focus on five general areas: theoretical issues, innovative solutions, rural socioeconomic considerations, economic assessment and evaluation of rural transit, and information technology solutions.

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