What is the State and Future of MaaS?

  • Date: 12/20/2021

How has the idea of MaaS evolved here in the U.S., and how well do you feel agencies understands the concept today?

The idea of mobility-as-a-service is continuing to evolve. I think most of the agencies are recognizing it's not a technology play, so to speak, it's really a set of services that are unique to their marketplace and help their riders move from place to place. Agencies are starting to realize it's important to embrace mobility-as-a-service, especially as the private sector is starting to build things like scooters, bikes, and other types of services that can connect with the typical transit services they provide. How it grows ridership, how it works with first-mile, last-mile solutions — it’s become more of an ecosystem solution, as opposed to an idea that we should build an app that helps people get from Point A to Point B.https://www.metro-magazine.com/10157213/what-is-the-state-and-future-of-maashttps://www.metro-magazine.com/10157213/what-is-the-state-and-future-of-maashttps://www.metro-magazine.com/10157213/what-is-the-state-and-future-of-maas

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