TRUE Community Credit Union makes transportation possible for Andy’s Place residents

  • Date: 09/20/2023

Mike Hirst, Founder of Andy's Angels, lost his son to an overdose in 2010. As he began to work with addicts, he found that housing was a huge gap when it came to accessible housing. Many addicts may have spent time in jail or return from rehab with nothing. For that reason, Andy's Place was built.

Hirst shared, "As a society we say 'Oh you're all better now. You're all cleaned up. Go out in the real world and make it. They don't have access to get them started. They can't get to their doctor's appointments. They can't get to their court appointment. They can't get to that first job interview...It's so important."

Andy's Place is a housing complex reserved for those suffering from opioid and substance abuse disorders. For many, transportation is not accessible. TRUE Community Credit Union partnered with JATA to donate $2,000 for bus passes.

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