How should we measure equity on transportation management strategies

  • Date: 10/30/2023

Insights from 4 papers:

Equity in transportation management strategies can be measured by considering three components: the benefits and burdens of interest, the population groups over which they are distributed, and a clear conception of what a morally proper distribution should be. To assess equity, indicators can be used to evaluate the impacts of transport policies, such as the Gini index for distributions of accessibility and other effects. Additionally, activity-based travel demand models can be employed to understand individual-level equity impacts, using distributional comparisons and incorporating equity standards. The use of distributional comparisons, as opposed to average measures, can reveal winners and losers resulting from transportation improvements, leading to different conclusions on transportation investments. Overall, measuring equity in transportation management strategies requires considering the distribution of benefits and burdens, identifying population groups, and using appropriate indicators and models to assess impacts.

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