Coronavirus pandemic has led to some changes in transportation industry

  • Date: 05/28/2020

As America gets back to work, the transportation industry is making adjustments. That means ride-share drivers clad in masks behind the wheel, extra cautions and staggered shifts at auto plants, and more people opting for outdoor modes of travel such as biking or scooters. Scooter companies say they’re cleaning the scooters but admit each may not be cleaned every day.

Uber, one of the two major ride-hailing companies in the United States, has implemented new measures that include encouraging drivers to step up cleaning of their vehicles.

“Before drivers are able to start accepting trips, they will be asked to take a selfie with a mask on. Our new technology will verify the driver is wearing a mask or face covering and let the rider know when the driver is en route,” according to a company statement. “We are adding new options for feedback, including if a rider or driver is not wearing a mask or face cover. Drivers and riders are being encouraged to cancel trips if they don’t feel safe, including if a user is not wearing a mask or face cover.”

Even how vehicles are structured is changing during the pandemic — and that innovation is happening right here in Ohio.

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