Bridging transit gaps in Nashville with public transit and micro-mobility integration

  • Date: 05/31/2022

We see partnerships with micro-mobility providers such as Bird as opportunities to expand our role from solely a transit service provider to a mobility co-ordinator. There are many service options and alternatives to single occupancy vehicles now available to the public, in addition to traditional bus and rail transit. We acknowledge that our services may not meet the needs of every customer for every trip, and that is why we are eager to find partners that help to address challenges such as first- and last-mile connections.

While we continue to see fixed-route transit as the backbone of the public transportation network, augmenting that network with alternative services where appropriate and available is beneficial to all. We want to make multimodal trip discovery and planning easier through these and other partnerships, whether that be through fare incentives, technological integration, or planning in the deployment of services. In this case, with Bird, we’re starting with a pilot that primarily involves service planning co-ordination, but this could certainly evolve to more complete service integration in the future.

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