SUMC and NCMM Collaborate to Produce a Learning Module on Universal Mobility

  • Author: Judy Shanley
  • Date: February 8, 2023

NCMM collaborates with the FTA Universal Mobility Working Group and the Shared Use Mobility Center (SUMC) to produce Universal Mobility, an Implementation Resource

As mobility and transportation innovations continue to transform the transportation industry, its critical for transportation professionals to create welcoming and inclusive services that invite the participation of a range of riders, including individuals with disabilities. Universal Mobility is the belief and the culture of the transportation sector to acknowledge the significance of accessibility throughout all aspects of transportation service. The culture of universal mobility is accompanied by a set of practices, across all stages of transportation planning and delivery, that are responsive to the diverse cognitive and mobility needs of individuals with disabilities. Universal mobility facilitates inclusive service and creates opportunities for all to access vital community services, such as education, work, health care, and food.

To respond to the growing acknowledgement that universal mobility is critical to truly creating an inclusive, safe, reliable, and accessible continuum of mobility and transportation services, the Federal Transit Administration’s Universal Mobility Working Group in partnership with the Shared-Use Mobility Center and National Center for Mobility Management developed a free online learning module. The module offers tangible strategies, resources, and a checklist that enables the assessment of transportation settings across elements including understanding passengers, universal design, service and operations, and mobility data and technology. The tool is intended to be interactive and applied, allowing users to advance universal mobility in ways that make sense for their own settings. NCMM was honored to work with the FTA Universal Mobility Working Group, and the Shared Use Mobility Center to produce this important resource.

A PDF of the module can be downloaded here, and is on our website here

The online module can be found on the SUMC website


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