Issues in Travel Training: Pedestrians and Right of Way

  • Author: NCMM Staff
  • Date: July 17, 2017

By Ryan S. Booth, Mobility Manager

Rock County Council on Aging, Janesville, WI

Hello fellow Mobility Managers: When we think of travel training, usually we think about helping people learn public transportation. During a unique travel training I did, I helped a gentleman and his service dog learn how to walk to a local bus stop, as they were not familiar with the new neighborhood he moved to. There were no sidewalks, so they had to walk in the road – against traffic. It was an exciting time to help these two walk at different times of the day and week; however one thing really upset me. When we went to cross the road, only one vehicle yielded to us. This is a safety issue that came to my attention and I wondered what I could do as a mobility manager to help.

I contacted a friend of mine at the Janesville Police Department to discuss the law for pedestrians. The sergeant was happily able to educate me on what the law is. I won’t type word for word what the statutes are in the State of Wisconsin; here are the three most important ones:

  • 23 Crossing controlled intersections or crosswalk.
  • 24 Crossing at uncontrolled intersection or crosswalk.
  • 25 Blind pedestrian on the highway.

After speaking with the sergeant, the two of us worked together on making the brochure I am sharing with you below. This brochure was created to distribute to citizens and for the police department to hand out. The police department also prepared a Nixle press release, which gets sent as an email or as a text message for those who sign up. I have attached the release at the bottom. Finally, I reached out to an advertising company that operates billboards and other outdoor advertising. The firm has posted a public service advertisement along a high traffic area in Janesville. See the photos below for what it looks like, along with the actual picture of the billboard. I encourage you to review the brochure and implement it in the area you represent. If you have any questions, please contact me at

Image Credit: Ryan Booth


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