FTA Wants to Hear from You on Buy America

  • Author: William Reckley
  • Date: August 1, 2022

The Federal Transit Administration is proposing a Buy America waiver for non-ADA accessible passenger vans and minivans that can be used in vanpool programs, and comments on the proposed waiver close on August 3rd!

Mobility managers are often on the front lines of transportation programs across the country, and therefore see and feel the impacts of regulations regularly. The Federal Transit Administration’s Buy America Statute is one of those rules that impact many of the programs and services mobility managers provide. In 2016, the FTA provided a partial general nonavailability waiver for these vehicles before, however that waiver expired in 2019 and market conditions have not provided a vehicle that meets all of the standards set out in the statute.

Once again, the Federal Transit Administration is seeking proposing a Waiver for certain Buy America standards for non-ADA accessible mini-vans used in vanpools. FTA is proposing a partial general nonavailability waiver of limited duration for mass-produced, unmodified non-ADA accessible vans and minivans. Under FTA’s proposal, instead of applying Buy America’s rolling stock standard to these vans and minivans, FTA would require the vans and minivans to have their place of final assembly and engine country of origin in the United States as reported under the American Automobile Labeling Act. The proposed waiver would expire after two years, or if market conditions change and a compliant vehicle becomes available.

The comment period for this proposed waiver closes August 3rd, so please submit your comments before then. 


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