There’s an App for That: Apps Help Mobility Management Professionals Empower Their Customers

  • Source: National Center for Mobility Management
  • Date: 11/01/2013

One of mobility managers’ essential contributions to the lives of the customers they serve is their active role in connecting them to the transportation options that are most responsive to their needs. Whether their “customer” is an entire community, a specific agency customer, a particular target population, or individuals seeking assistance, mobility management practitioners excel at

  • Staying informed about the range of existing community transportation services,
  • Sharing that knowledge with customers, and
  • Helping people connect the dots so they have mobility throughout their entire trip.

Although mobility managers will continue to provide value through delivering information, referral, and assistance services using paper-based and web-based products and services, the presence of and evolution of smartphone and computer applications (“apps”1) can transform the way in which they empower their customers.

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