Public Engagement that Counts – Webinar

  • Author: Waffiyyah Murray, Inbar Kishoni, Katie Caskey
  • Source: NACTO
  • Date: 02/06/2018

We’ve all seen it: the public meeting where discussions are derailed, and anger and polarization frames the room. What makes that happen? And how do successful community engagement processes allow for open conversation and dialogue, avoiding pointed debate and frustration?

Community buy-in is often the difference between a successful project, and having to go back to the drawing board. Envisioning streets as shared spaces with all members of the community claiming equal share, requires a balance of strategy and action. Adopting a ‘planning with’ versus ‘planning for’ philosophy provides a constructive platform for public views to be combined with professional expertise, and creates better outcomes.

During this public webinar, we’ll delve into how NYC DOT is re-envisioning on-the-ground engagement through its Street Ambassadors Team, and how Minnesota DOT is putting real numbers behind community engagement: using data and cost accounting to expand outreach to traditionally underserved communities, and quantify the impacts that engagement has on the ground.

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