State of Vermont Spotlight Project

State of Vermont Spotlight Project

This project builds off of Go! Vermont, a robust multi-modal transportation information program for the entire state of Vermont provided by VTrans, the state’s department of transportation (DOT). Go! Vermont is supported by a range of transportation demand management (TDM) activities. As a state with a large rural population and a mix of fixed-route and demand-response options, VTrans decided to deliver an itinerary planner that incorporates these flexible transit options to address the “trip information” function. TheGo! Vermont trip planner adapted an open source software called OpenTripPlanner to visualize flexible trip itineraries based on a data format called GTFS-flex, which is an extension of the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) and maps out service areas and other operational details of demand-response systems. This project has benefited from a Mobility-on-Demand (MOD) Sandbox grant as well as other funding. Find out more about this spotlight project in the project profile.     

Trip Information


Provider Options (phone + web)
Itinerary Planning (phone + web)
Real Time Info (web)

Project Owner:
Vermont Department of Transportation (VTrans)

One-Call/One-Click function graphic with trip information function highlighted.


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