Mobilizing transit and public health partnerships for COVID-19 vaccinations: Practical Examples, Part 3

  • Source: NCMM
  • Date: 04/07/2021

Mobilizing Transit and Public Health Partnerships for COVID-19 Vaccinations: Practical Examples - Part 3

NCMM hosted this webinar to assist the public health and public transportation sectors at the state level identify ways to collaborate to ensure all Americans living in rural and small urban communities are vaccinated. Flint MTA (MI) has given public health department a seat within Flint’s transit scheduling software, so when they schedule vaccines, they can also schedule the transportation where needed. In Oxford, Ohio, the transit system is gathering people in a central location and driving them to the vaccination site 30 min. away, where they are vaccinated on the bus.


Amy Conrick – NCMM
Harmony Lloyd – Flint MTA
Jessica Greene – Oxford, OH
Matthew Dutkevicz – Butler County RTA
Danielle Nelson – FTA
Wendy Heaps – CDC

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