Integrated Mobility Implementation Toolbox

  • Source: Canadian Urban Transit Association
  • Date: 09/01/2017

"By itself, this definition is quite general and open to discussion and interpretation. That is why CUTA supports the definition with the following statement:

For CUTA, Integrated Urban Mobility is a people-focused goal that:

  • Starts with public transport service connected to all modes of transport including walking, cycling, auto and alternatives to transportation;
  • Enables door-to-door and seamless mobility throughout an urban area;
  • Is designed for all segments of population.

Understanding that Integrated Urban Mobility is a goal is important because it allows planners and practitioners to realize that further work and information is necessary to achieve the goal. This Integrated Mobility Implementation Toolbox provides the information and best practice examples that demonstrate what work and information is needed on the journey to Integrated Urban Mobility."

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