Checklist for Assessing the Accessibility of Transportation and Mobility

  • Source: National Aging and Disability Transportation Center
  • Date: 03/01/2013

This guide consists of a short introduction and instructions on the use of checklists to assess the accessibility of a transit route, including the path of travel. There are three checklists that cover walking to the transit stop, riding on the vehicle and the transit stop/station. These checklists can assist with:

  • routing and scouting for personal trip assessment,
  • training exercises and trip planning,
  • trip by trip determination for paratransit eligibility,
  •  community accessibility assessment for multiple routes, and individual personal trip assessment.

People using the checklists can selectively draw on the sections of the checklists that are most relevant to their intended purpose. The checklists are designed to be a resource to enhance the accessibility of a community, including public transportation, by evaluating individual routes/trips and fostering awareness of people’s different needs and abilities.

The checklists can also be used as the foundation for constructive dialogues between advocates, transit users and transit professionals, elected officials, and other decision makers to improve transit services for everyone.

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