2020 One-Call/One-Click Training FAQs

Questions and answers will be posted as they are received. The deadline to submit questions to onecall@nc4mm.org is June 17, 2020.

Q: Is it possible to change the proposed main contact at the lead organization later (i.e., between the application submission and training taking place), or apply in the stead of another team member who is currently on leave?   

A: In general, NCMM is open to applicants using their own best judgement on such an issue. However, any changes made between the application submission and training taking place, such as replacing the proposed main contact or other training attendees, would be subject to approval by NCMM on a case-by-case basis.

  • Therefore, whoever is the most likely person to actually a) attend the training and b) serve as the primary liaison day-to-day with NCMM should be the “main contact” reflected in the application.
  • If an organization anticipates two people attending from its organization, then the second attendee from the organization should be included as an additional attendee in the application.
  • If a staff member is on leave at the time of application submission but will be back in time to serve as the main contact/primary liaison during the training, arrangements should be made internally in the organization for another staff member to apply in the stead of the main contact/primary liaison. This will avoid the need to approve changes later.
  • In the case of someone applying on behalf of another staff member, they would respond to the first item in the form, “email address,” with their own email address. To the question, “what is the email address of the main contact at the lead organization,” the email address of the proposed main contact should be entered. NCMM will note that the email addresses are different and send future communications to both email addresses.  
Q: Is it possible for a proposed team to include five people, as opposed to four as mentioned in the training opportunity announcement? 
A: If the team would work much better if five people were included, rather than four, five can be included. A statement regarding why the proposed team includes five people should be included in the expression of interest via the online form. 


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