Toyota’s Kinto launches new MaaS project in UK

  • Date: 09/23/2021

Toyota’s mobility brand, Kinto, has launched a new Mobility as a Service trial in the English city of Derby.

The app-based 'DerbyGo by Kinto' allows users to plan, book and pay for journeys via their smartphone. One of its key objectives is to reduce the number of car journeys in the city, easing congestion, improving air quality and reducing the city’s carbon emissions.

Initially, DerbyGo includes bus and train services, and will target Derby’s 10,000-strong student population, many of whom will be familiar with travel apps from their home cities.

Additional travel options

As DerbyGo develops, however, it plans to add further transport options, such as taxis, while micro-mobility services like bike sharing could be added from next spring.

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