Kheir Clinic’s Road to Wellness: Dealing With Patient Transportation Needs

  • Date: 03/08/2021

Rule No. 1 when providing patients with a ride service so they can get to their medical appointments: Make sure the patients know about it.

Even after COVID-19 hit, some patients of the Kheir Clinic in Los Angeles still needed to see a doctor in person — and the clinic’s non-emergency medical transportation service proved invaluable. “I didn’t even know that Kheir Clinic had this. They came and picked me up because I don’t have a ride,” says Helen, 60, a Koreatown resident and Kheir Clinic patient of six years with multiple health conditions which make driving impossible. Helen attends Kheir Clinic once a month and finds the clinic van service more convenient, more comfortable, and less confusing than public transit. “Nelson, the driver, is always on time. I have never met such a nice person.”

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