Housing Authority educating, transporting residents and others to vaccine

  • Date: 02/09/2021

“Most of them [residents] don’t have transportation or anything like that, or wouldn’t even have the knowledge that they were providing the vaccination. So we called a couple other staff members here at the Housing Authority and spent one Saturday calling all our residents that are over 70, to see if they would be interested in getting the vaccination,” said Lori Richey, Elderly Disabled Coordinator at Housing Authority Bowling Green.

Richey has been with the Housing Authority for over two decades and says the residents’ interest initially sparked from that education that staff members provided.

“Just somewhat try to educate them and just, you know, give them the information that we know about it. The interest really changed once we got the information to them,” said Richey.

So far, they’ve shuttled around 120 residents to the Med Center vaccine clinic; which that group has been comprised of over half minorities.

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