Bike Assn. Releases GBFS Guidance for Municipalities

  • Date: 01/12/2021

Modeled after the widely used General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS), General Bikeshare Feed Specification (GBFS) defines a common format to share the real-time status of a shared mobility system. The purpose of a data specification is to enable the exchange of information between multiple parties in a way that ensures that all parties agree on what the information represents. You can think of it like a dictionary, where each term has a definition and a set of rules for how it can be used. The GBFS format allows mobility data to be used by a range of software applications for trip planning, research, analysis, visualization, and regulation. This publicly available data allows regulators, researchers, and community members to gain insights that have helped municipalities meet their goals. GBFS data is also used by trip planning applications to present shared mobility services to travelers.

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