Health Care Transportation Access “Ready-to-Launch” Grants

Deadline for responses: August 5, 2019, 9:00 pm Eastern time. Download the RFP.

The National Center for Mobility Management (NCMM), supported by the Federal Transit Administration, will soon announce its 2019 Health Care Transportation Access “Ready-to-Launch” opportunity. Funding through this grant will support communities in taking concrete steps toward implementing transportation solutions to address health care access.

The goals of the 2019 Health Care Transportation Access “Ready-to-Launch” opportunity are to

  • To provide funding for a limited launch of an innovative transportation solution that provides the target population improved access to health care services
  • To test the feasibility of the innovative transportation solution in real-world conditions in the marketplace, so the community-based team can learn where its solution needs to be further revised
  • To assist community-based teams in preparing for a full-scale roll-out of their solutions
  • To guide the team in gathering outcome data that can bolster its request for sustainable funding of the solution


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