FAQ for 2019 Community Mobility Design Challenge Grant

  1. Is participation in the webinar on June 27th required to be eligible to apply to the Community Mobility Design Challenge Planning Grants?  No. Participation in the July 27th webinar is not required to apply for the grant opportunity.
  2. Who is an eligible applicant? "Eligible applicants are designated or direct recipients for funds under 49 U.S.C. Sections 5307, 5310, or 5311, or an eligible subrecipient of these funds. Eligible subrecipients under FTA programs include state or local government authorities, nonprofit organizations, and operators of public transportation. The applicant must have the capacity to successfully execute the project, and its partners should have the capacity to execute their roles successfully. The applicant should have no outstanding legal, technical, or financial issues that would make this a high-risk project." 
  3. On the budget, for labor and fringe costs, are you looking for a labor and fringe amount based on an estimated average salary cost?  Are you looking for specific salary and fringe rates for the budget? For the budget, please provide a total amount for labor and fringe costs. You do not need to submit a breakdown of who will work on the project and their associated fringe and labor costs.
  4. Would the expense for additional hours on a service be an eligible expense? Note that this is a planning grant, not an implementation grant, so that no grant funds can be used to pay for an existing service. The purpose of these grants is to design a new service (or new feature of a service), not extend an existing service.


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