Healthcare Access Design Challenge 2017

The Healthcare Access Design Challenge 2017 was a funding opportunity to assist communities in addressing health care access issues within one of four challenge areas: access to behavioral health treatment, treatment for chronic disease, ongoing treatment for post-hospitalization recovery and avoidance of re-hospitalization, and treatment for acute/immediate care.

The goals of the projects were to 1)  support communities in designing ready-to-launch healthcare transportation solutions that improve access in each of the four challenge areas, and 2) disseminate results of the communities’ work to facilitate the implementation of solutions in part or in whole by other communities. Seven communities were given grants to design innovative transportation solutions focused on one of four related to healthcare access; their work was completed in October 2018.

Learn more about the teams' work

Access to Behavioral Health Treatment

Treatment for Chronic Disease

  • Rural Oklahoma: Building Community Support for Patients Receiving Dialysis Treatment

Ongoing Treatment for Post-Hospitalization Recovery and Avoidance of Re-Hospitalization

Treatment for Acute/Immediate Care

Listen to the teams pitch their solutions

  • Healthcare Access Design Challenge 2017 grantees' business pitches (delivered in October 2018)



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