Data Sharing Guidance for Public Transit Agencies – Now and in the Future (Transportation Cooperative Research Board 2020). Guides agencies make decisions about sharing their data, including how to evaluate benefits, costs, and risks. Many transit agencies have realized benefits from sharing their internal data sets, ranging from improved customer information, to innovative research findings that help the transit agency improve performance.

Mapping Data to Provide Innovative Services (National Center for Mobility Management, 2019). Video from the innovation track at CTAA's Expo in Palm Springs, CA.


Measuring the Impact of Mobility on People’s Health Outcomes (National Center for Mobility Management, 2016). Explores how transportation-to-health care data play into broader data sets on social determinants of health and health outcomes.

Federal Social Media Community of Practice. Identifies opportunities and challenges to improve government use of social data, and collectively address them for the shared benefit of all agencies. Supports the creation of online communities that provide opportunities for citizens to collaborate, participate, and engage with their government.


GTFS Builder (RTAP). Data feeds help agencies provide information to customers more openly and easily. RTAP's General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) builder walks you through the steps to create files that platforms like Google Maps can use to make your system easier to navigate.


Traffic's Mind-Boggling Economic Toll (2/7/18). A new study from consulting firm INRIX articulates the economic costs of traffic congestion, and how much this costs each driver per year. But solutions do exist, if communities are willing to pursue them.


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