Outreach and Social Media


How to pass a transit referendum (4/17/18). Planners are increasingly turning to voters to fund transportation projects. It's part of their job to effectively communicate its costs and benefits, and to make sure the plans benefit a wide section of the population.

Transit is pretty safe. What can we do to erode misleading stereotypes? (4/5/18). Public mass transit is by far the safest form of surface transportation to move people around, yet it is plagued with a negative narrative. There are some strategies to flip this.


The Community Engagement Guide for Sustainable Communities (Sustainable Communities Living Initiative, 2012). A guide to the benefits of and guidelines for fostering the community engagement that is necessary to build sustainable communities.

Sociability: Social Media for People with a Disability (Australian Communications Community Action Network, 2012). A review of social media accessibility that provides an insight into how people with disabilities can best use popular social media tools.

Social Media and Inclusive Transportation Planning (webinar) (Transit Planning 4 All, 2013). Covers effective, practical applications for social media in inclusive transit planning.

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Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI). Publishes guidelines widely regarded as the international standard for Web accessibility. Provides support materials and resources to help understand and implement Web accessibility. Sponsored by private companies, European Commission Information Society Technologies Programme, U.S. Department of Education, and National Institute for Disability and Rehabilitation Research.


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