Enhancing Mobility with My Wish List

  • Author: NCMM Staff
  • Date: January 30, 2015

by Sheryl Gross-Glaser

Here is a personal wish list for improving transportation, commuting, and mobility experiences for everyone. Feel free to comment and suggest more wishes, your own what ifs.

  1. What if every bus had a friendly dog or cat (hypoallergenic, of course) to brighten the day of riders? Already happening. Read the last entry in the January 2015 NCMM newsletter.
  2. What if every gas station and transit facility showed side by side the numbers of auto accidents and fatalities in the state cumulatively for the year in contrast to the numbers of transit accidents and fatalities in the state cumulatively for the year? Possible and read the January 2015 NCMM newsletter about the very transit-friendly numbers.
  3. What if we encourage musicians ages 13–90 to play at bus stops, transit hubs and train stations? (We could have mini-concerts everyday.)
  4. What if we made every vehicle as easy to enter and exit for a person with a disability as it is for people who have no problems accessing today’s vehicles?
  5. What if every medical facility sent its mapping data for the day’s appointments and treatments to a shared-use virtual space where rides could be matched and offered?
  6. What if every person with a desk job were encouraged to work at home at least one day every week?
  7. What if transportation apps could show people waiting at bus stops, which could then double as hubs for ridesharing/slugging?
  8. What if taxis and buses and paratransit and volunteer transportation services did not have service area boundaries?

Just think, wish and enjoy a fabulous 2015.


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