2023 Mobility Management Poster Session

The National Center for Mobility Management is pleased to sponsor its 7th annual Mobility Management Poster Session at the Community Transportation Association of America’s EXPO conference. The deadline for applications is April 21st. Each individual/group whose poster is accepted will be eligible for a $500 stipend (one stipend per poster).

The poster sessions give mobility management practitioners a chance to shine and share their innovative practices in an informal setting, open to all EXPO attendees. Selected presenters display their posters during the Trade Fair (Tuesday, May 23, 3-6 pm and Wednesday, May 24, 10:30 am-1 pm) and respond to EXPO attendees’ questions about the projects described in the posters.

The EXPO has brought plenty of interested attendees to the poster sessions and provided good learning opportunities for mobility management professionals, as well.  CTAA’s EXPO is attended by over 1,000 transit agencies, mobility management professionals, and transportation-related entities.

On Monday, May 22nd, during the EXPO meeting, NCMM will also host the 2023 Mobility Management Forum to which all mobility management practitioners are welcome.

Application Information

Applications are open! Apply here. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and close April 21st.

Posters should meet the following criteria:

  • Describe a transportation challenge in a community, state, or region
  • Discuss a mobility management approach to solving that challenge, in terms of partnerships, innovative design, outreach, community engagement and/or involving riders
  • Provide information about how the solution is working and lessons learned, even if the solution did not work as well as hoped
  • Be presented by a local mobility management practitioner, based in the community they’re presenting about

There is no mandatory arrangement of the poster. Infographics, diagrams, and charts are encouraged and can enhance understanding of the poster content. Many presenters use this standard template.

Please send questions about the poster session to Sage Kashner at kashner@ctaa.org.


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